Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng.) fruit arils contain an oil rich in carotenoids, especiallylycopene and b-carotene, which can be enzymatically extracted in water. Responsesurface methodology was used to determine the factors influencing the enzymatic reactionof gac fruit arils. A central composite design with four independent variables, namely enzymemass per volume ratio, time, temperature and the stirring speed of the reaction, wascarried out. The results show that all of these four factors have a significant effect on theoil yield recovery, with no significant interaction between these factors. Under the optimumconditions obtained (enzyme mass per volume ratio of 14.6 %, incubation time of127 min, temperature of 58 °C and stirring speed of 162 rpm), it is estimated that the maximumoil recovery and the total carotenoid extraction per dry mass would be 79.5 % and5.3 mg/g, respectively. There is a strong correlation between the oil recovery and totalcarotenoid content. The physicochemical properties of the extracted gac oil were characterised.Finally, the Schaal oven test shows that conservation time of gac oil is comparable tothat of other edible oils.