par Herman, Christelle ;Debaste, Frédéric ;Halloin, Véronique ;Leyssens, Tom;Liné, Alain;Haut, Benoît
Référence WCCE-8(23 – 27 August 2009: Montréal, Canada), Proceedings of the 8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering
Publication Publié, 2009
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : This paper proposes an experimental method, based on the Metzner and Otto concept (1957), for the on-line measurement of the apparent viscosity of a crystal slurry during a crystallization process. Using an agitation system as a process rheometer, the method consists in determining the apparent viscosity or a non-Newtonian liquid, as equal to the one of a Newtonian liquid whose agitation, in the same impeller-tank configuration and operational conditions, leads to an equal dissipated power. The first step of this procedure consists in the determination of the Np – Re – Fr relation for Newtonian liquids, for two impeller-tank configurations. This is achieved both experimentally and numerically, using the Computational Fluid Dynamics. In the second step of the procedure, the same impeller-tank configurations are used for the determination of the evolution of the apparent viscosity of a crystal slurry (non-Newtonian liquid) during a crystallization process.