par Erkan, David
Publication Non publié, 2017-07-26
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Résumé : I'm interested in the study of analogies between nature, geometry and structure, and the way geometric transformations constitute a source of inspration for developping new form of architecture. I started to study origami as a basis of my project. As I was researching about origami structures, I discovered the work of Ron Resch about tesselation based origami, Chuck Hoberman transformable structures, Darcy Thomson studies on growth and biomorphic structures, Buckminster Fuller tensegrity structures and Pierre Le Ricollais organic structures; When I saw Resh's documentary «Paper and sticks » I got fascinated about his research process and the possibilities offered by origami for developping transformable architecture, 2D and 3D structures.As I took interest in the subject, and I started to research about plants and their growth process, morphogenetic strucures and the geometric relationships they share with origami. Both subjects where at high interest for analysing and understanding morphing and geometric transformations and their analogy to structures. I am currently watching the video lectures of MIT Prof. Erik Demaine regarding « Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra».My final project will be dealing with a transformable/ reconfigurable 3D structure which could be actuated through different kind of sensors (croud, movement, light/heat, noise, pollution...) . This research/ project aims at studying and mimicing biological organisms, natural patterns in order to develop a number of architectural applications such as temporary deployable structures, architectural façade elements, transformable, lightweight, complex architectural forms.