par Tzika, Athanasia ;Milinkovitch, Michel ;Helaers, Raphaël
Référence Evolution after Gene Duplication, John Wiley and Sons, page (173-184)
Publication Publié, 2011-03
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  • Mapping Gene Gains and Losses Among Metazoan Full Genomes Using an Integrated Phylogenetic Framework
Auteur:Tzika, Athanasia; Milinkovitch, Michel; Helaers, Raphaël
Informations sur la publication:Evolution after Gene Duplication, John Wiley and Sons, page (173-184)
Statut de publication:Publié, 2011-03
Sujet CREF:Généralités
Mots-clés:Data mining and construction of relational database, using MANTiS - integrating gene mapping and functional/expression data into phylogenetic framework for comparative genomic analyses
Mapping gene gains and losses among metazoan full genomes - using integrated phylogenetic framework
Systematic phylogenetic mapping of gene gains and losses - associated functional data, complementary to gene expression screening in target structures
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