Résumé : The cardiac adenylate cyclase activity of genetically hypertensive rats from the Lyon strain (LH) was compared to that of Lyon normotensive rats (LN) and that of low blood pressure Lyon rats (LL). The major finding was a 30-35% decrease of secretin- and VIP-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity in cardiac membranes of LH rats that was already obvious in 5 week-old prehypertensive animals: this alteration was apparently specific for the cardiac secretin/VIP-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity, the same activity in membranes from brain, anterior pituitary, and liver being similar in LH, LN and LL rats. It is tempting to conclude that a selective alteration of functional cardiac secretin/VIP receptors in LH rats reflects a local hyperactivity of the sympathetic adrenergic system.