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Résumé : WCx coatings have been synthesized by filtered cathodic arc deposition at room temperature. Repetitively pulsed W and C plasma streams were mixed, and the duration of the pulse of each stream was used to vary the film composition. The energy of the incident ions was controlled by applying a pulsed bias voltage at the substrate, and was used for enhancing the adhesion as well as for modifying the microstructure of the film. The films with low W content (less than 20 at.%) consisted of regions of amorphous WC dispersed in an amorphous carbon matrix. At higher W content, nano-crystalline WC was observed. Internal stresses in the as deposited films ranged between 500 and 4500 MPa, depending on the W content and the applied bias voltage. Film hardness varied between 63 GPa and 30 GPa, and strongly depended on the W content and also on the applied bias voltage. © 1997 Elsevier Science S.A.