Résumé : The AnTat 1.3A antigen gene expression site of T. brucei was cloned from genomic libraries of the 200 kb expressor chromosome. In addition to the antigen gene, it contains seven putative coding regions (ESAGs, for expression site-associated genes), as well as a RIME retroposon. The polypeptide encoded by ESAG 4 shows homology to yeast adenylate cyclase, and possesses structural features of a transmembrane protein. The expression site is transcribed by a pol l-like polymerase in the parasite bloodstream form only, but sequences similar to ESAGs 5, 4, and 2 are also transcribed constitutively elsewhere, by a polymerase sensitive to alpha-amanitin. Ultraviolet irradiation, which seems to block RNA processing, allows the tentative mapping of a transcription promoter about 45 kb upstream of the antigen gene.