Résumé : The cDNA of RDC4, a putative receptor of the G protein-coupled receptor family, has been cloned by PCR methodology. The primary structure of this receptor showed homology with the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor. In this work, RDC4 mRNA has been injected in Y1 adrenal cells and Xenopus oocytes and RDC4 cDNA has been transfected transiently in cos-7 cells. In all these systems serotonin elicited a rise in cyclic AMP levels. Binding studies on membranes of the transfected cos-7 cells using [3H]-LSD showed a pattern of drug affinities consistent with the known properties of a 5-HT1D receptor. RDC4 therefore codes for a 5-HT1D receptor which in the studied systems is positively coupled to adenylate cyclase.