Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Dopaminergic control of the expression of the prolactin gene was investigated by administration of bromoergocryptine (CB154) to male rats. The effects of the drug on the following parameters were measured: (i) circulating levels of GH and PRL; (ii) synthesis of GH and PRl measured by pulse labeling pituitary fragments in vitro; (iii) GH and PRL mRNA activities; and (iv) content of PRL and mRNA. After 1 day of CB154 administration, serum PRL fell to undetectable levels whereas it took 3 days to observe a 50% reduction in PRL synthesis. This effect was accounted for by a parallel decrease in PRL mRNA activity and content. GH synthesis and GH mRNA were not affected by the treatment. Our results show that the dopaminergic inhibition of PRL production involves regulation at a pre-translational level.