Résumé : ABSTRACT Double-lined spectroscopic binaries (SB2s) are one of the main sources of stellar masses, as additional observations are only needed to give the inclinations of the orbital planes in order to obtain the individual masses of the components. For this reason, we are observing a selection of SB2s using the SOPHIE spectrograph at the Haute-Provence observatory in order to precisely determine their orbital elements. Our objective is to finally obtain masses with an accuracy of the order of one per cent by combining our radial velocity (RV) measurements and the astrometric measurements that will come from the Gaia satellite. We present here the RVs and the re-determined orbits of 10 SB2s. In order to verify the masses, we will derive from Gaia, we obtained interferometric measurements of the ESO VLTI for one of these SB2s. Adding the interferometric or speckle measurements already published by us or by others for four other stars, we finally obtain the masses of the components of five binary stars, with masses ranging from 0.51 to 2.2 solar masses, including main-sequence dwarfs and some more evolved stars whose location in the HR diagram has been estimated.