Résumé : In this dissertation, we aimed to bring together a team of clinical experts, translational researchers, biostaticians and bioinformaticians to develop and implement innovative scientific methodologies in precision medicine applied to High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer (HGS OvCa). We used a variety of translational and computational methods in order to generate impactful outcomes. These pipelines produced statistically robust results, with particular emphasis on drawing clinical and biological correlations. The results presented here contribute to the body of evidence necessary to substantiate these findings in a clinical setting. Bioassays, PDX models and ancillary specimen evaluation of previous clinical trials will help to validate our candidate biomarkers. Enhanced understanding of the molecular pathology of disease grounded in acquisition of genomic knowledge will facilitate the development of targeted treatment in cancer. Because clinical trials must be developed with correct metrics, patient selection and drug efficacy should incorporate adaptive designs.