par Ishizaka, Alessio;Resce, Giuliano;Mareschal, Bertrand
Référence Soft Computing, 22, 22, page (7325-7338)
Publication Publié, 2018-11
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Multi-criteria decision analysis has been used to solve many problems. Here we describe an adaptation of PROMETHEE for measuring productivity. The results of PROMETHEE productivity analysis are displayed graphically, permitting the user to distinguish easily between four types of action: efficient, effective, frugal and inefficient actions. The productivity graph can be used for visual management and provides a simple, effective means of improving information communication within an organisation. It enhances transparency and promotes continuous improvement. Steps can be taken to improve ineffective actions using peer(s) on the frontier as example. To illustrate the use of the method we analysed the productivity of British universities. Only two old and two of the most recent universities were found to be on the frontier. Almost all of the most recent universities were classed as frugal and post-92 universities tended to be inefficient. Large old universities were generally classed as effective.