par Pel, Bonno ;Backhaus, Julia
Référence Science and technology studies
Publication Publié, 2018-10-17
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Current social innovation initiatives towards societal transformations bring forward new ways of doingand organizing, but new ways of knowing as well. Their efforts towards realizing those are importantsites for the investigation of contemporary tensions of expertise. The promotion of new, transformativeways of knowing typically involves a large bandwidth of claims to expertise. The attendant contestationis unfolded through the exemplar case of the Basic Income, in which the historically evolved forms ofacademic political advocacy are increasingly accompanied by a new wave of activism. Crowd-fundinginitiatives, internet activists, citizen labs, petitions and referenda seek to realize the BI through differentclaims to expertise than previous attempts. Observing both the tensions between diverse claimsto expertise and the overall co-production process through which the Basic Income is realized, thiscontribution concludes with reflections on the politics of expertise involved in transformative socialinnovation.