Résumé : We theoretically study the dynamics of two interacting microbial species in the chemostat. These species are competitors for a common resource, as well as mutualists due to cross-feeding. In line with previous studies (Assaneo, et al., 2013; Holland, et al., 2010; Iwata, et al., 2011), we demonstrate that this system has a rich repertoire of dynamical behavior, including bistability. Standard Lotka-Volterra equations are not capable to describe this particular system, as these account for only one type of interaction (mutualistic or competitive). We show here that the different steady state solutions can be well captured by an extended Lotka-Volterra model, which better describe the density-dependent interaction (mutualism at low density and competition at high density). This two-variable model provides a more intuitive description of the dynamical behavior than the chemostat equations.