par Grimaldi, Giuliana ;Manto, Mario
Editeur scientifique Grimaldi, Giuliana ;Manto, Mario
Référence Mechanisms and Emerging Therapies in Tremor Disorders, Springer, New York, page (325-340)
Publication Publié, 2013
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Résumé : Although tremor can be estimated clinically, its nonstationary feature and the difficulties related to the pure clinical evaluation (with inherent subjectivity) make the use of sensitive, reliable, and accurate sensors mandatory to quantify tremor (see also Chaps. 19 and 20). Motion transducers allow to corroborate changes in clinical rating given the logarithmic relationship with tremor ratings, as predicted by the Weber–Fechner law of psychophysics (Elble et al. 2006; Elble and Deuschl 2011).