par Delespesse, Guy ;Bastenie, Paul Auguste ;Duchateau, Jean ;Kennes, Bernard
Référence Hormone and Metabolic Research, 7, 1, page (59-61)
Publication Publié, 1975
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The lymphoblastic transformation test (LTT) and the leucocyte migration inhibition test (LMT) induced by thyroglobulin have been assessed in 94 diabetic and 60 control subjects. In the diabetic population, these cell mediated immunity tests were present with a very high prevalence (respectively 21 and 39%) in contradistinction with the normal population (0 and 4%). In the diabetics there was no clear distinction between age and sex groups. A primary defect of T lymphocyte function, related to the diabetes, is postulated to explain these findings.