par Linz, Roger ;Lecocq, E.
Référence Archives belges de médecine sociale, hygiène, médecine du travail et médecine légale, 32, 5, page (265-276)
Publication Publié, 1974
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The workers of the laboratory of microbiology, hematology and immunology and their families were examined for carriage of N. meningitidis. More or less every month, cultures were taken of nasopharyngeal secretions of 139 people (of whom 56 were laboratory workers) during 11 mth (May 1973 to April 1974). Of 1,275 cultures, 87 (i.e. 6.8%) were positive. But monthly the frequency of positives varied from 15.0 to 0%. Most of the strains (69) belonged to serogroup B. The positivity fell to 0 during winter and was very low during spring for reasons that are not clear. 29 carriers were discovered; they belonged to 16 families. The number of carriers per family varied; in some, all the members were carriers. The carrier state may be short or irregular; in some it probably lasted during the whole study (11 mth). In families considered as units carriage is also variable. Neither age and sex, nor serological group of N. meningitidis seem to influence carriage, but the profession may: the group of laboratory workers and their families, as a whole, are more frequently carriers than 'normal' families of Brussels, and less frequently than families of patients ill with acute meningococcosis.