par Mendlewicz, Julien
Référence Journal de génétique humaine, 29, 5 Suppl., page (527-533)
Publication Publié, 1981
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : In this article, the contribution of hereditary factors in the onset of depressive diseases is analysed. Primary depressive diseases may be now separated into two groups: one includes bipolar depressive syndromes (i.e. of manic depressive type), and the other the monopolar depressive syndromes (i.e. of depressive type). A short review of twin studies and family studies in the manic depressive type bipolar depressive illnesses is made. From these studies, a discussion about genetic hypotheses concerning manic depressive illnesses and that of a dominant X-linked disease was made. Genetic factors are also reviewed in regard to the heterogeneous group of monopolar depressive diseases, emphasizing the different depressive subgroups of this large category. Finally, the authors also consider the possible relationship between bipolar manic depressive syndromes and schizophrenia, trying to classify the dysthymic schizophrenias.