par Schulman, Claude
Référence Annales d'histochimie, 21, 1, page (57-66)
Publication Publié, 1976
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The development of the peripheral autonomic innervation of the rabbit ureter and vas deferens was studied with the catecholamine fluorescence method and acetylcholinesterase reaction. At birth the musculature is devoid of fluorescent adrenergic nerve fibers. Fluorescent nerve trunks are observed scattered in the surrounding connective tissue but do not present the typical aspect of a functional terminal innervation. The first adrenergic fibers presenting functional fluorescent varicosities start to appear 3-4 days after birth. The density of the nervous network increases rapidly to reach the final adult pattern of innervation 4-6 wk after birth. Cholinergic nerves were observed already before birth and their density increased rapidly during the first postnatal month. The development of a functional adrenergic neurotransmission appears later than the cholinergic innervation. The development of the autonomic innervation seems related to the underlying maturation of the smooth musculature.