par Vandendris, Michel ;Gregoir, Willy
Référence European urology, 2, 3, page (135-137)
Publication Publié, 1976
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : There have been few reports of ureteric obstruction following reconstructive vascular surgery. 13 cases of this complication have been reported so far. In most of these cases, the ureter was passing between the Dacron prosthesis and the iliac artery, thus posterior to the prosthesis. In only 3 cases, of which 2 were operated on, the ureter lay in its normal position, anterior to the graft. The ureteric obstruction must be attributed, in this last instance, to a process of progressive fibrotic reaction in the tissues adjacent to the prosthesis. In the reported 2 cases, the obstructed ureter was found passing anteriorly to the arterial graft, encased in retroperitoneal fibrosis.