par Zanen, J.;Pechere, Jean-Francois
Référence Biochimica et biophysica acta, N. Nucleic acids and protein synthesis, 123, 1, page (172-180)
Publication Publié, 1966-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Action of 8-azaguanine on the synthesis of penicillinase in Bacillus cereus. Previous work on Bacillus cereus has indicated that protein synthesis is partially inhibited in the presence of azaguanine and that the synthesis of penicillinase (penicillin amido-β-lactamhydrolase, EC is apparently more affected by the analog than the synthesis of other proteins. A search for the presence of an "abnormal" penicillinase under these conditions was made in the present work by immunological reactions and by column chromatography. Among the proteins secreted by the bacteria in presence of azaguanine, there is no other protein similar enough to penicillinase to be detected by immunological reactions. Similarly, the column chromatography experiments do not favour the hypothesis that other, different proteins might be synthesized under these conditions. © 1966.