par Srinivasan, P.R.;Faures, Anne ;Brunfaut, Maximilienne ;Errera, Maurice Leo
Référence Biochimica et biophysica acta, N. Nucleic acids and protein synthesis, 72, C, page (209-216)
Publication Publié, 1963
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : HeLa cells have been submitted to short tritiated nucleoside pulses, and their radioactivity has been followed in the nucleus minus nucleolus (N), in the nucleolus (n) and in the cytoplasm (C) after various incubation times in unlabeled media. The independent uptake of these nucleosides into the nucleus minus nucleolus and the nucleolus has been confirmed - and part of this radioactivity is transferred from both these cell parts into the cytoplasm. However, the cytoplasmic gain is greater than the nuclear loss of grains. Cytoplasmic ribosomal RNA is probably formed from precursors synthesized in the nucleus and nucleolus, but it is not known whether this RNA undergoes any rearrangement during its transfer to the cytoplasm. Messenger RNA constitutes probably also an important fraction of the RNA label transferred from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. © 1963.