Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : After enzymatic digestion of chicken myoglobin by trypsin, chymotrypsin or thermolysin, the separation of peptides was performed by column chromatography on various ion exchange resins. Each peptide was purified by high-voltage paper electrophoresis or by chromatography either on paper or on ion-exchange resin, and its complete amino acid sequence was then determined by the combined dansyl-Edman procedure and by endopeptidase digestions. The whole globin was submitted to automatic Edman degradation using the Beckman sequencer. Residues have been positioned from overlaps of sequence data between tryptic (T), chymotryptic (C) and thermolysin (Th) peptides. The stepwise degradation of the whole globin confirmed the alignment of the N-terminal third of the molecule. The combination of these different approaches has led to the complete determination of the 153 residues sequence forming the polypeptide chain of chicken myoglobin. Comparison of the established chicken myoglobin structure with those from other species shows a conservation of structure, although the avian protein exhibits more variations in its amino acid sequence than has been found between other known myoglobins which all belong to mammalian species. © 1975.