Résumé : In the framework of implementation of his national program for control and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, Cameroonian government has set up a cardiac surgery project. We report in this manuscript results of one year follow up of the patients operated during the pilot phase. From September 22 till 26, 2008, 11 patients have been operated in Cameroun. Surgical procedures were 5 mitral mechanic valve replacement, 2 aortic mechanic valve replacement, 1 atrial septal defect closure, 2 pace maker implantation. No intrahospital death was observed. One patient died at 11th month after the operation due to mitral valve thrombosis and attributed to lack of compliance. One patient presented low cardiac output, pneumonia and a pleural effusion. 2 patients presented 2 minor complications consisting of pericarditis and superficial wound infection. The results of the pilot phase of cardiac surgery in Cameroon are effective. However, the sustainability of the program require human, material capacity building, and funding mechanism as well.