Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Nonunion fractures and aseptic bone necrosis are two pathological conditions having some impairment of the cellular part of the repair: a reduction of MSC and of the osteoblastic activation. Both are good candidates for cell-based therapies using stem cells. We made a review of the published human trials. Only autologous bone marrow aspirate implantation was until now used. In Nonunion, a direct injection-15 to 150ml-was made in 4 case series studies. In another, the bone marrow aspirate was concentrated before injection. The results were good. In bone necrosis, only one level 1 study was published. The results at 24 months were positive in terms of reduction of the necrosis and appearance of collapse. In 3 case series studies, a treatment with concentrated bone marrow aspirates was deemed useful with good results in 76 to 96%. These results are interesting but need confirmation by controlled studies. Copyright © 2010 Jean-Philippe Hauzeur and Valérie Gangji.