Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : TREES SIFTER 1.0 implements an approximate method to estimate the time to the most recent common ancestor (TMRCA) of a set of DNA sequences, using population evolution modelling. In essence, the program simulates genealogies with a user-defined model of coalescence of lineages, and then compares each simulated genealogy to the genealogy inferred from the real data, through two summary statistics: (i) the number of mutations on the genealogy (M n), and (ii) the number of different sequence types (alleles) observed (Kn). The simulated genealogies are then submitted to a rejection algorithm that keeps only those that are the most likely to have generated the observed sequence data. At the end of the process, the accepted genealogies can be used to estimate the posterior probability distribution of the TMRCA. © 2007 The Author.