Résumé : In pathology there is a need to rapidly disseminate professional information to the appropriate target groups. This is a surprisingly difficult task on an international level. Therefore, the European Network of Uropathology (ENUP) was recently organized by the Uropathology Working Group of the European Society of Pathology. The purposes were to establish a channel for distribution of information about uropathology, such as guidelines, consensus documents, meetings and courses; to organize research collaborations; and to set up mechanisms for survey studies. ENUP has recruited a total of 374 individual members from 338 pathology laboratories in 15 Western European countries. E-mail is used for all communication, and studies are carried out through interactive Web sites. Information e-mails are sent regularly, and 2 Web-based surveys on handling and reporting of urologic specimens have been conducted. Here we report on the methods used to organize this novel information network. We think that ENUP could serve as a model for other fields of pathology and other geographic regions.