par Montesinos Hernandez, Isabel ;Desomberg, Laurence ;Delforge, Marie-Luce
Référence Journal of immunological techniques in infectious diseases, 2, 3
Publication Publié, 2013-09-27
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The aim of this study is to evaluate the MP Diagnostics HCV Blot 3.0 (MP Blot) as a supplemental confirmatory assay for the presence of antibodies to HCV in comparison with CHIRON RIBA HCV 3.0 (RIBA). After the discontinuation of RIBA, other antibody test should be validated for distinguish between resolved HCV infection and biologic false positivity for HCV antibody in persons in whom HCV RNA is not detected. A total of 176 samples from routine patients screened in our laboratory were selected for this retrospective study. MP Blot significantly reduces indeterminate results due to reduced sensitivity to NS3 and to the differences of manufacturers’ interpretative criteria: only one core band with 2+ or greater reactivity is considered positive on MP Blot, but indeterminate on RIBA. We observed risk of false negative results due to this reduced sensibility to NS3, requiring PCR and sequential serological control in patients with suspicion of early HCV seroconversion.