Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The veneration of the images of the Virgin and the saints had already been the subject of a previous paper, also published in the CCA/ (49, 2006), which was based on written sources in England. As a complement to this earlier research, it was important to analyze what continental documentation has to reveal in this matter. In the same way as the author used to concentrate on the figures of the Virgin, he decided this time to deal with beliefs and attitudes towards the images of the other saints as described in texts from the middle of the 11th century to the 13th century, originating from the French and the German spaces. With no ambition of exhaustivity, the study seeks to throw light on a series of testimonies far less known than the Miracles of Sainte Foy and uses them as a terminus post quem and a point of comparison. It focuses first on reliquary images, then on another type of images, distinct from relics with varying degrees of autonomy or dependence. Although fragmentary the corpus shows that the relation and the oscillation between images and relics in the way saints were made present correspond to a wide range of occurrences, the usually unnoticed and complex nuances of which will be recapitulated in the conclusion of the paper.