Résumé : Colorectal cancer is an important health care problem in Belgium and screening is now widely recommendend. The French Community has launched in March 2009, a campaign to build public and professional awareness of the importance of screening for colorectal cancer. With the goal of encouraging all persons age 50 to 74 to actively gain information and seek screening with the active participation of their house doctors, the campaign will work to clarify any myths or fears about screening options and ensure that the importance of screening and early detection will be understood. The program in the French Community propose guaiac-based fecal occult blood testing for average risk people and, in case of positivity a colonoscopy must be performed. A high quality colonoscopy should be offered first in case of significant personal and familial history of adenomas, colorectal cancer and some specific extracolonic neoplasia. Several strategies will be used to ensure follow up of this program and encourage wide participation of the population.