Résumé : Chemical agents (DTT, EDTA) and enzymes (collagenase, DNAse) are often used for the generation of a single cell suspension from tissue samples. In this study, flow cytometry was used to examine the effect of chemical agents and enzymes on the expression of cell membrane markers of T lymphocytes from tonsils and peripheral blood. Expression of CD4, CD8, CD25, CD38, L-selectin, CD44, alphaEbeta7 and alpha4beta7 were studied. Incubation of lymphocytes with DTT and EDTA resulted in a decrease of CD38, alphaEbeta7 and alpha4beta7 expression. Incubation with collagenase A and DNAse resulted in a decrease of CD25, L-selectin, alphaEbeta7 and alpha4beta7. The results of this study indicate that a careful interpretation is necessary for phenotypic descriptions of lymphocyte populations obtained by enzymatic isolation techniques.