Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The authors developed a 3D CT technique to analyze in vivo variations in carpal bone position based on 3D reconstruction of transverse CT data in 5 wrist positions. The subject groups analyzed consisted of 40 asymptomatic volunteers and 30 patients with various wrist disorders (fractures, instabilities). In 11 anatomic specimens, this kinematic analysis was completed by a radiographic morphologic study and an investigation of capsular ligament anatomy. Clinical applications showed that carpal bone motion in the injured wrist was not significantly different from contralateral, asymptomatic wrist motion. In both wrists of patients with unilateral pathology, however, significant differences were observed as compared with asymptomatic volunteers. Scaphoid motion was bilaterally altered, suggesting the existence of anatomic or kinematic factors predisposing to certain carpal pathologies.