par Zaccai, Edwin
Référence The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Implications for Belgium(27-10-2006: Brussels), The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Implications for Belgium, The Royal Academies of Sciences and the Arts of Belgium, page (13-24)
Publication Publié, 2006-10-27
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : In this introductory paper, we would like to address the following questions. First, how is the MA be seen in relation with the series of global environment assessment reports published in the last decades? Second, since a central aim of the conference was to consider its possible influence in a single country, namely Belgium, can one identify factors which may have an impact on the influence of such reports? Then, keeping in mind the interactions between the scientific and policy approaches, we try to sketch out some key features of the MA approach, and to introduce some elements on its actual impact.