par Haelterman, Marc ;Trillo, Stefano
Référence (8-13 September 1996: Hamburg, Germany), European Quantum Electronics Conference (EQEC'96)
Publication Publié, 1996
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : Doubly resonant second/sub harmonic generator has been defined as a system consisting of two driven nonlinearly coupled oscillators subject to complex nonlinear dynamics. Second/sub harmonic generation under doubly resonant condition exhibits a self-pulsing instability followed by a sequence of period-doubling bifurcations and chaos. These self-pulsing instabilities were analyzed based on the mean-field model in which the spatial transverse dimensions are taken into account. Results show that diffraction stabilizes the system with respect to temporal fluctuations. Diffraction-induced stabilization could be obtained in practice by using planar resonators with sufficiently broad beams so that spatial modulation instability can operate.