Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A detailed investigation of the high-resolution infrared spectrum of ethane revealed the occurrence of features belonging to the hot perpendicular system (ν4 + ν8) - ν4 between 1400 and 1510 cm-1. Transition lines of the subbranches with K″ ΔK from -7 to 4, exhibiting torsional splittings of several tenths of a cm-1, were observed and measured in this region. The observed line splittings are strongly influenced by the interaction between the ν4 + ν8 and 2ν4 + ν12 states and change with the values of K″ ΔK, depending on the zero-order energy separation of the interacting levels. We found by numerical extrapolation that splittings still occur far from resonance, showing that the intrinsic torsional splittings of the combining states ν4 + ν8 and ν4 are quite different. We determined the intrinsic torsional splitting of ν4 + ν8 to be less than 0.083 cm-1 estimated for the ν4 state. This result is in agreement with the expected effects of torsional Coriolis and head-tail coupling and is consistent with previous observations on vibrationally degenerate states of ethane-like molecules. © 2002 Elsevier Science (USA).