par Herman, Michel ;Campargue, Alain;El Idrissi, M.I.;Vander Auwera, Jean
Référence Journal of physical and chemical reference data, 32, 3, page (921-1361)
Publication Publié, 2003
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Information on the vibrational energy states in acetylene ( 12C 2H 2, 12C 2D 2, and 13C 2H 2) is gathered: spectroscopic constants (vibrational frequencies and anharmonicities, vibration-rotation interaction parameters), observed vibrational energy states and complete sets of predicted vibrational energies and predicted principal rotational constants B v for states of 12C 2H 2, 12C 2D 2, and 13C 2H 2 up to 15000, 10000, and 12000 cm -1, respectively. Statistical parameters (partition functions and integrated number of states) deduced from these predicted spectroscopic data are provided for the three isotopomers. The equilibrium geometrical structure is determined to be r e(CH) =106.138(35) pm and r e(CC)=120.292(13) pm from constants available for 12C 2H 2, 12C 2D 2, 13C 2H 2, and 12C 2HD. © 2003 American Institute of Physics.