Résumé : Two new bands, 2ν1+ν2+ν 3+2ν5 and 5ν3 with origin at 12220.692 and 12496.158cm-1, respectively, were identified on new FT-ICLAS spectra of 12C2HD and rotationally analyzed. The rotational analysis of two known bands, with origin at 12038.538 and 12234.872cm-1 was extended. Another band, 2ν 1+2ν5 with origin at 7843.6622cm-1, was identified for the first time and rotationally analyzed, from a high pressure conventional FT spectrum. Some 115 known vibrational state energies in the molecule, extending up to the visible range, were used to produce updated vibrational constants. Both a straightforward Dunham model and a global model accounting for a single anharmonic resonance, K1/255, were used. The results are discussed. © 2004 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.