par Vermylen, C;Cornu, G.;Ferster, Alina ;Ninane, J;Sariban, Eric
Référence Bone marrow transplantation, 12 Suppl 1, page (116-117)
Publication Publié, 1993
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Twenty eight patients underwent bone marrow transplantation (BMT) for sickle cell anemia in Belgium. The patients were originating from Central Africa, were young and symptomatic. Engraftment occurred in all patients and was sustained in 25. In 3 patients, a bone marrow rejection was observed. One of these patients underwent a second BMT and had an uneventful recovery. One patient died 3 months after BMT of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). Twenty seven patients are alive and 25 are free of vaso-occlusive related manifestations with a follow-up ranging from 4 to 78 months. So far, eight patients went back to Africa and continue to do well.