par De Launoit, Yvan ;Kiss, Robert
Référence Analytical cellular pathology : the journal of the European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology, 1, 3, page (173-184)
Publication Publié, 1989-06
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The initially hormonosensitive (HS) MXT mouse mammary tumor spontaneously evolved to hormonoin-dependence (HI). Using a SAMBA 200 cell image processor, we compared the DNA content and the chromatin structure of HS and HI tumor cells squashed onto histologic slides; the nuclei were colored by the Feulgen reaction. We compared HI and HS nuclei by a discriminant analysis using the 15 parameters obtained on each nucleus. We show that the percentage of well-classified granulocytes (2n DNA content control) versus HS or HI nuclei exceeded 99. On the other hand, this percentage did not reach 70 when we compared HS and HI. The cell cycle analysis revealed that the percentage of cells in S and G2 + M phases were significantly higher in HI tumors than in the HS. Hence, HI and HS MXT tumor nuclei seem to be morphologically identical, but are significantly different if we refer to cell proliferation rates.