Résumé : A convenient route for the synthesis of some acyloxymethyl esters and carboxamides of levofloxacin (LV) with modulated lipophilicity is described. The synthesized compounds were evaluated in vitro for their growth inhibitory effect in five human cancer cell lines. The most efficient LV derivatives (ester 2e and amide 4d) displayed IC(50) values in the 0.2-2.2μM range, while IC(50) values for parent LV ranged between 70 and 622μM depending on the cell line. The esters displayed no in vivo toxicity up to 80mg/kg when administered intraperitoneally. This study thus shows that LV analogs displayed antitumor efficacy, at least in vitro, a feature that appeared to be independent from the lipophilicity of the grafted substituent.