Résumé : Carbon films with up to 32 at.% of nitrogen have been prepared with ion beam assisted magnetron, using a N2+/N+ beam at energies between 50 and 300 eV. The composition and density of the films vary strongly with the deposition parameters. EELS, SXS, XPS, and IR studies show that these a-C: N films are mostly graphitic and have up to 20% sp3 bonding. Nitrogen is mostly combined with carbon in nitrile (C = N) and imine (C = N) groups. It is shown by RBS and NDP that density goes through a maximum as the average damage energy per incoming ion increases. Positron annihilation spectroscopy shows that the void concentration in the films goes through a minimum with average damage energy. These results are consistent with a densification induced by the collisions at low average damage energy values and induced graphitization at higher damage energy values. These results are similar to what is observed for Ar ion assisted deposition of a-C films. The mechanical properties of these films have been studied with a nanoindenter, and it was found that the hardness and Young's modulus go through a maximum as the average damage energy is increased. The maximum of mechanical properties corresponds to the minimum in the void concentration in the film. Tribological studies of the a-C:N show that the friction coefficient obtained against diamond under dynamic loading decreases strongly as the nitrogen composition increases, this effect being more pronounced at low loads.