par Segers, Luc ;Fontana, André ;Winand, René
Référence Canadian metallurgical quarterly, 22, 4, page (429-435)
Publication Publié, 1983
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Starting from previous results on SiO2-MnO-CaO melts, this paper describes the influence of CaO substitution by MgO and of SiO2 substitution by Al203 on electrical conductivity. The influence of MgO is small and its magnitude depends on the MnO and SiO2 contents. In contrast, SiO2 substitution by Al203leads to a general decrease of the electrical conductivity, which drops drastically when N SiOz < N Al203 Structural interpretations are given together with practical considerations about Mn production by molten oxide electrolysis. © 1983 Maney Publishing.