Résumé : This article describes the results of a participatory process aiming to design and develop a referential of competencies for nurses to be used in secondary professional training within the context of the global South, and more specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Priority focus is given to the presentation of the final validated product. The competencies' referential is accompanied by a training referential as a pre-requisite guide, which outlines the course of study. Only the referential of competencies is described in this article. The result documents, in the first instance, the shape which this referential of competencies takes in reality, from which a school nurse can be brought to mobilise while practicing his/her profession. The referential's basis and presentation is founded on four key skill sets as a starting point. Each of the four key skills were further broken down and divided according to levels of competencies and minimal criteria for perfecting these skills per year of study. The presentation of the referential of competencies ends by regrouping "families of situations" for each year as well as with an adapted glossary. The discussion focuses on the results of the referential of competencies in its context but also on the use which should be made of this tool within the framework of the implementation of the education and training reform for nurses in DRC. Another point is the interest of this approach by skills for various types of professional training in the health sciences.