Résumé : A micro double diffusion test (MD), allowing the identification of precipitation brand 5 by identity reaction, using a rabbit specific anti-component 5 serum, was evaluated for the immunological diagnosis of Chagas' disease. The previous studies on the Trypanosoma cruzi specificity of component 5[g] were completed, showing it to be absent in Leishmania brazilienis, but present in different strains of T. cruzi. 200 sera from Bolivian patients were studied. (88 with a positive xenodiagnosis, 45 with mucocutaneous leishmaniasis but without Chagas' disease, and 67 controls). Band 5 was found in 74 (84.1%) of the sera with positive xenodiagnosis but was never found either in the leishmaniasis or in the control groups. MD, allowing an easy detection of T. cruzi specific band 5, cheap and simple to perform, can be recommended in association with other serological tests, when highly specific immunodiagnosis of Chagas' disease is required.