par Linkowski, Paul ;Geenen, Vincent;Kerkhofs, Myriam ;Mendlewicz, Julien ;Legros, J. J.
Référence European archives of psychiatry and neurological sciences, 234, 3, page (162-165)
Publication Publié, 1984
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We studied the concentration of neurophysin I (hNPI) and II (hNPII), the hypothalamo-pituitary carriers of vasopressin and oxytocin, in CSF of depressed and schizophrenic patients and age matched controls. Mean hNPI values were lower and mean hNPII values greater in schizophrenics than in controls. Lower hNPI values were observed in unipolar patients than in controls. In bipolar patients however, higher hNPI values were present. Significantly higher hNPII values were observed in bipolar patients than in controls; no difference was present between unipolars and controls. A positive correlation was observed with age in controls and bipolars for hNPII. These data emphasize the interest of studying the neurohypophysal function in affective illness and in schizophrenia.