Résumé : We report DNA immunisation experiments in cattle using plasmid constructs that encoded glycoprotein E2 from bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV)-1 (E2.1) and BVDV-2 (E2.2). The coding sequences were optimised for efficient expression in mammalian cells. A modified leader peptide sequence from protein gD of BoHV1 was inserted upstream of the E2 coding sequences for efficient membrane export of the proteins. Recombinant E2 were efficiently expressed in COS7 cells and they presented the native viral epitopes as judged by differential recognition by antisera from cattle infected with BVDV-1 or BVDV-2. Inoculation of pooled plasmid DNA in young cattle elicited antibodies capable of neutralising viral strains representing the major circulating BVDV genotypes.