Résumé : Gene expression analysis was performed on a human renal cancer cell line (786-0) with mutated VHL gene and a transfectant with wild-type VHL to analyse genes regulated by VHL and to compare with the gene programme regulated by hypoxia. There was a highly significant concordance of the global gene response to hypoxia and genes suppressed by VHL. Cyclin D1 was the most highly inducible transcript and 14-3-3 epsilon was downregulated. There were some genes regulated by VHL but not hypoxia in the renal cell line, suggesting a VHL role independent of hypoxia. However in nonrenal cell lines they were hypoxia regulated. These included several new pathways regulated by hypoxia, including RNase 6PL, collagen type 1 alpha 1, integrin alpha 5, ferritin light polypeptide, JM4 protein, transgelin and L1 cell adhesion molecule. These were not found in a recent SAGE analysis of the same cell line. Hypoxia induced downregulation of Cyclin D1 in nonrenal cells via an HIF independent pathway. The selective regulation of Cyclin D1 by hypoxia in renal cells may therefore contribute to the tissue selectivity of VHL mutation.