Résumé : A novel bromoditerpene methyl ketone (1), two new bromoditerpene alcohols featuring a neodolastane (2), and a bromocorodienol skeleton (3), along with 13 previously reported metabolites (4-16) were isolated from the organic extract of Sphaerococcus coronopifolius collected from the rocky coasts of Corfu island in the Ionian Sea. The structures of the new natural products, as well as their relative stereochemistry, were elaborated on the basis of extensive spectral analysis, including 2D NMR experiments. The absolute stereochemistry of metabolite 3 was determined using the modified Mosher's method. The isolated metabolites were evaluated for their antitumoral activity against four human apoptosis-resistant (U373, A549, SKMEL-28, OE21) and two human apoptosis-sensitive (PC-3, LoVo) cancer cell lines with IC(50) in vitro growth inhibitory concentrations in the range 3-100muM.