Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A substantial proportion of familial breast cancers have mutations within the BRCA2 gene. The product of this gene has been implicated in DNA repair and in the regulation of transcription. We have previously identified at the amino-terminus of BRCA2 a transcriptional activation domain whose importance is highlighted by the presence of predisposing mutations and in-frame deletions in breast cancer families. This activation domain shows sequence similarity to a region of c-Jun which has been defined as a binding site for the c-Jun N-terminal kinase. Here, we show that the analogous region in BRCA2 is also a binding site for a cellular kinase, although this kinase is distinct from JNK. The BRCA2 associated enzyme is able to phosphorylate residues within the BRCA2 activation domain. Consistent with this observation, we find that the activation domain of BRCA2 is phosphorylated in vivo. Our results indicate that the BRCA2 activation domain possesses a binding site for a kinase that may regulate BRCA2 activity by phosphorylation.