par Lefebvre, Pauline
Référence Science Day 2024: Alliances (06/06/2024: RWTH Aachen University)
Publication Non publié, 2024-06-06
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : My “provocation” for this Science Day 2024 organized by the Junior Chair "The Act of Building" will address the durability of building materials – or how materials last, what they require to last, how we expect them to last. I’m interested in the tensions that emerge when we praise bio- or geobased materials for their circularity (which is directly related to their degradability), while we often remain suspicious when we consider them as more fragile than their industrial / baked counterpart. The case of clay, whether raw or baked, allows to appreciate that contrast. In short, I’m investigating how materials are considered with regard to the care and maintenance they require to last: is that a problem or an opportunity?